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Pierre and Barbara
February 29th, 2020 · 2 min read
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Tips 👏

  • Tourism is number one activity, expect big crowds everywhere.
  • It’s a very big city, which can be dodgy in some areas, stay in the tourist center.

🏠 Accommodation

We stay at the luxury Intercontinental Presidente. While normally it’s super expensive, we managed to book it with our rewards points for free. Amazing rooms, fantastic facilities, nice beach, swimming pool and good location.

🚲 Getting there

We drove 2 hours on the highway without any problems.

⏱ Duration

We stayed four days of doing nothing before flying back home and that was great.

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Coba Ruins 🏛

On our way from Tulum, we decided to do a quick last stop by the Coba Ruins. It was a mayan heritage site with ruins and pyramids which could be climbed. We left Tulum in the morning and arrived after 45 minutes drive at the site around 11AM. Once there, we parked safely the car for 60MXN and bought the tickets for 80MXN/person.

We were suprised to learn that the site was actually very wide, making distances between the spots quite long, around one kilometer. Being short on time, we decided to hire one of those little bike taxis available inside, to see everything in a short time. It costed us 160MXN for 2 hours, and basically brought us to all the highlights at the speed of light.

The site itself was fantastic, with a lot of pyramids and ball court to see, planning around 4 hours to visit would have been better. While everything looked awesome, the highlight was clearly the Nohoch Mul Pyramid, a 42 meters pyramid located a the end of the park. We climbed it in 5/10 minutes, and were rewarded by a splendid view on the surrounding jungle. After that, our taxi driver friend showed us the remaining sites, before bringing us back to the exit where we left for Cancun around noon.

coba 1
coba 2
coba 3
coba 4

Doing nothing 🛌

Both hating very touristic and overpriced places, we didn’t came to Cancun for its invisible charm, but simply to relax and enjoy life. We didn’t visited the city much since we read everywhere there was nothing really nice to do or see. That was our last stop of a 5 month world trip so a break before hitting back reality was much needed.

We both felt this city didn’t had much to offer besides huge expensive hotels, international airport, nice beach, plenty of restaurants, casinos and other american vices. Long story short, it’s a good spots to relax, but to be fair you don’t need to go that far for that. You can see it as the mexican vegas.

ihg cancun 1
ihg cancun 2
ihg cancun 3
ihg cancun 4

Restaurants 🍲

That’s the end of our trip to yucatan. You can go back to the main Yucatan post, check again Tulum, or check-out other trips from the main page.

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