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Sunny Sicilly ☀️

Pierre and Barbara
June 1st, 2022 · 3 min read
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Itinerary 📍

1. Catania and Etna in 2 days
Volcano, city and beers

2. Modica in 2 days
Chocolate and chill

3. Syracuse in 3 days
Beaches and History

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General Tips 👏

  • Price in average is the same as on Italy mainland, except in very touristic places where it goes up!
  • It’s super safe in general, even in cities, just apply common sense as always.
  • Distances are quite big and roads are not in their best shapes, so account that while planning.
  • Locals tends to not respect much the driving rules so beware when driving and go slow.
  • If you go in peak season, book in advance since prices can go super high.
  • In summer, temperature during the day are around 40 degres, so best to stay in between 1PM to 4PM.
  • We stayed only 6-days but both felt 10 days would have been better (we had to remove bunch of places from our itinerary)

Budget 💸

It was our first trip since covid so we decided to go with heavy budget (make it rain). We spent in average 70eur/night in hotels, 40eur/person/meal in restaurants and easily another 30eur/person/day in touristic visits, so an average of 150eur/day/person. Note that it super do-able to be way below this budget, this is more if you want to be 100% comfortable all the time.

From a money perspective, there’s ATM everywhere in the big cities. It’s a good idea to always have some cash with you since small places in coutry side does not always accept card.

Transportation 🚃

We rented a car straight after arriving at Catania Airport, with Avis. Super easy to use and open until late. We advise to book the rental rate as early as possible since it can be quite expensive, and also to take full insurrance since again people are driving like crazy!

We also recommend big time to rent a car since most of the cool spots are far away from each other, and relying solely on touristic tours can be super counter-productive.

Within each of the small cities (like Ragusa), there’s small car-trains that are awesome to discover steep cities with zero efforts (go trolley travel), and also electric scooter to rent on the go.

Apps 💾

  • Netflix: Perfect for la siesta with AC.
  • Free offline map of the world, including trail paths.
  • FourSquare: Perfect to find the best restaurants in a very easy way.
  • AirBnB and The best to find cheap accommodations.
  • Bit: To rent electric scooters on the go.

Food 🍗

Sicilly is like the food capital of Italy. Everything is always top-quality, super fresh and with amazing taste. No matter what you go for, you basically cannot go wrong. Here’s a list of must-try while here:

  • Seafood: Tuna, shrimps, seabass you name it. Always a hit!
  • Arancinis: Conic-shaped deep-fried rice balls, coming with various stuffings like Ragu, Ricotta or Ham.
  • Paccheri: Tube-shaped pasta usually coming with Ricotta, perfect when al-dente.
  • Dolce: Stop at any pastry place and try one sweet a day minimum (doctor orders), specially Canolli.
  • Classic Italian: There’s obviously also all the traditional pizza, pasta and so on

Telecom 📞

There’s pretty good signal and Wi-Fi all over the island, so no need to go crazy here. Since it’s Europe, make sure your operator (like Three) is allowing data roaming abroad and you’ll be fine!

Hotels 🏠

We booked all our accommodations in advance on and had no problems.

The hosts and staff are usually speaking english, always great, friendly and helpful. The best is to read reviews (sorted by the worse) while browsing, and book in advance to avoid sold-out places or too expensive rates.

Tourism 🏄🏽‍♀️

We went beginning of June 2022 and there were not many people around. We saw big tourist group usually in central piazza in main cities or in specific famous spots, but fairly calm otherwise.

Most of the tourist were actually Italian enjoying their own country!

Packing List 📦

Obviously depending on the period you’re getting here, but if you come at summer time here’s what should be useful to bring:

  • Beach gear (towel, solar cream, flip-flops, bathing suit, hats, sunglasses)
  • Moskito repellant (we did not saw many but still quite a few)
  • Tech materials (phone, chargers and so on)
  • Light clothes (no need of warm stuff)

Missed places 🤦‍♂️

We were a bit short on time, so we had to drop a bunch of stuff, however we recommend if you have more time:

  • Gole dell’Alcantara: Beautiful caves with possibility of doing canyoning.
  • Randazzo: Cute and iconic little city.
  • Bronte: City on the hill.
  • FiumeFreddo: The hometown of the Godfather.
  • Marzamemi: Lovely sea town at the tip of Sicilly.
  • Tonnara of Vendicari: Archeologic columns with amazing beach nearby.
  • Pantalica: Necropolis and belvedere in a natural park.
  • Agrigento and valley of temple: All the west of sicilly looks incredible, but that’s for another full trip!

Overall Experience 🤓

We had a blast in Sicilly and we can’t recommend it enough, perfect for a few days break if you’re located in Europe. Food, weather, architecture, beach, everything is there to have a good time. It’s a super easy destination and still wide and spacious so it usually never feel crowded. It’s also overall super calm and chill, with beautiful architecture and history absolutely everywhere, so perfect for recharging with good food, vibes and D-vitamin!

Hope this was helpful, you can leave comments if you need extra informations or if you have any questions or suggestions!

Our 2 days stay in Catania.

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