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La Paz

Pierre and Barbara
December 22nd, 2019 · 2 min read
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Tips 👏

  • It’s a big city, and according to locals, dodgy at night. Make sure to stay in the centre, and avoid sleeping in El Alto.
  • It’s very high and cold, even in summer.
  • Worth really a visit, since very beautiful.

🏠 Accommodation

We stayed at Loki Boutique La Paz for one night and it was perfect.

🚲 Getting there

Flight from Uyuni of one hour with BOA.

⏱ Duration

One night and two days, three night would have been perfect.

❌ Miss

If you’re sporty, you can hike the Huayna Potosi. A gorgeous peak above 6000 meters, overlooking La Paz. Can be done in two days.

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Valley de las Animas 🗻

A little gem at the far east of the city. After arriving at the airport, we negotiated with a taxi driver to bring us directly there, to wait for us and then bring us to our hotel. Around 2 hours drive in total for 200Bs. On our way from the airport, we had a nice view on the city. We struggled a bit to find the start of the path of it so if you’re looking to find it too, check-out the point on the map above. We also decided to get there for only 30 minutes to take pictures, but a half day tour would have been better.

Once on track, we started walking toward the valley for around 30 minutes (800m). Be aware that it’s at 3600m above sea level, so it’s hard to walk there. We arrived at the viewpoint and had a nice view on those rock formations, but then had to come back to the taxi shortly after. We saw plenty of trails going further in the valley, which looked nice to explore.


Cable-car tour 🚡

Back from the valley, we checked in at the Hotel Boutique Loki, had a nice lunch in their restaurant, and started our way to the cable cars. It’s very easy to use, 2Bs per ride. We went first to the Central Station and took the red line to the top. You’ll flight over the city up to El Alto, seeing beautiful and very colourful areas. Arriving at the top, we took the silver line, on the edge of the cliffs up to the mirador. Then we took the yellow line to get back down and grabbed the blue one back to our hotel.

They’re all connected and super safe to use, so it’s a pretty cool way to visit the city in less than one hour. Specially knowing that the driving in the city is horrible and slow. We then went back to the hotel, had some food and heard about a mystical place called Route 36.


Our 2 days stay in Copacabana, check again Salar de Uyuni, or go back to the main Bolivia post.

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